Visa Information




List of documents required:

  1. Application form fully completed and signed by applicant with 2 Declaration Forms. There are total 4 signatures per applicant
  2. Three recent photographs (35 x 45 mm, white background, 80% face appearance, glossy finish)
  3. Covering Letter on Business Letterhead address to The Embassy of Switzerland, New Delhi. a) Letter should be self explanatory of Company / personal profile. b) Name & Relationship to be mentioned on Applicant’s Letter for all family who would be travelling together. c) Name & Designation should be mentioned clearly below the Signature.
  4. If pax working then Leave Letter from Company in original is required. It can be addressed to the Consulate or it can be To Whomsoever it may concern.
  5. Day – to – Day Itinerary on Tour Company Letterhead or Brochure Copy.
  6. Return Confirm Air Ticket or Itinerary Copy.
  7. Medical Policy as per travel date or More.
  8. Original Personal and Company bank statement for the last 3 months in A4 size paper with original bank seal & signature done on it
  9. Last 3 years Income Tax Returns
  10. If a student is travelling then Student id card copy is required or bonafide certificate
  11. For Minors a.) Application to be signed by both parents ( There are total 2 signatures per applicant ). b). If traveling with one of the parents a NO Objection Affidavit on Rs 100 stamp paper with notary done on it from other parent must be provided. c) School/College ID Copy or Leave Granted Certification if it is not vacation period. d) If traveling with other parents i.e Uncle, Family friend etc.. then Affidavit or sort of NOC signed by both the parents.
  12. Hotel confirmation as per the ticket
  13. Original passport (handwritten ppt is not allowed & old passport is mandatory)
  14. Biometrics is required for the applicants for those who have not have not given biometrics after 2nd November 2015
  15. Original salary slip of last 3 month for salaried people with original leave letter.
  16. Valid applicant passport (handwritten passport is not allowed)
  17. Passport/Travel Document must: a) Have been issued in or after 2006. b) At least have a validity of 3 months after intended stay. c) Have 2 Blank Pages.


List of documents required:

  1. Original passport is required (handwritten passport is not allowed Old passport is mandatory.)
  2. Original Salary slip of last 6 months with original company stamp and round seal on it only on A4 size paper is required
  3. 3 Photographs (35x45mm, 80%face coverage with white background and dark shirt)
  4. Biometrics is required for the applicants for those who have not have not given biometrics after 2nd November 2015
  5. Covering letter on Business letterhead addressed to Embassy Of Switzerland, New Delhi.
  6. Name and designation of the person should be mentioned in the covering letter who is signing the Covering letter with the round stamp and seal.
  7. Invitation letter from Switzerland is required.
  8. Original Bank statement of last 3 months with original bank seal stamp and signature on all the pages of the bank statement only on A4 size paper.
  9. Companie’s  IT Papers of last three years.
  10. Medical Insurance Policy
  11. Ticket Copy


  • For Software Engineers going to Switzerland can get visa maximum for 15 days stay and they cannot get business visa for next 3 months from the date of travel. For them we have to apply for 3 Forms along with 3 sets of documents for work permit for which approval takes 6 to 8 weeks OR Get Authorization in advance from Swiss authorities for long stay business visa.
  • W.E.F. 28/11/11 Swiss Authorization Form is mandatory to send whenever you send any Swiss Case.
    Passenger’s Contact No. and email id is mandatory to be filled along with their signature.